• William T. (USA)

    I commend the continuous improvement efforts. Many things have improved since I have been here (internet, bed, chair etc.). The laundry service is very convenient. The location is excellent and the pricing/value is good.

    - William T. (USA)

  • Manjunatha Haniyur Ramamurthy (India)

    The overall experience with Novena Hall is good. Mainly the locality is nice.

    - Manjunatha Haniyur Ramamurthy (India)

  • Siti Noora'zam Binti Haji Abdul Kad (Brunei)

    The service from the staff here has been excellent. We feel very welcomed with the friendly staff at this Hostel. Thank you.

    - Siti Noora'zam Binti Haji Abdul Kad (Brunei)

  • Phattharaphong Sukjaroenkraisri (Thailand)

    Novena Hall is clean and comfortable with facilities that offers accommodation. Easily accessible in taking any public transport such as bus and MRT. Novena Hall is such a good place to stay.

    - Phattharaphong Sukjaroenkraisri (Thailand)